Connector strip

SureConnect 2
- Mated pair - A good looking couple! -

SureConnect2 has the versatility of acting as both a terminal and a connector. It is capable of handling 10 ampere on each contact and has a cable area of 2,5 sqmm. Although it is manufactured as a 12-pole unit, it may also be cut into smaller sections. The contact elements are made of nickel-plated brass and are equipped with stainless steel screws.
Simple mounting
No need for special tools.

 Smart  May be cut to any length between 1 and 12.
Several connector strips may be mounted in line.
 Rugged  Resistant to corrosion.
 Flexible  Several smaller plugs may be connected to an
undivided socket.
 Small size  Complementary to the SureThru deck fitting.
 Data  Article No.  20791 (24+0) 20793 (20+20)
(Wire-protector to 1.0 sqmm + to 2.5 sqmm)
 No. of poles  1 - 12 (divisible)
 Max rating  380V, 10Amp
 Max wire area  2,5 sqmm
 Connector element  Nickel Plated Brass
 Screws  Stainless Steel