Cable Thru Hull System
- Fast, easy and waterproof -

When two or more cables of different types have to pass watertightly through the hull, SureThru through-hull fitting makes it fast and easy. The point of SureThru is to let both cables and their connectors pass through the hull and make the connection below deck nice and dry. It is even possible to connect an antenna directly to a radio set without connection joints.

 Simple Mounting
 One hole is enough for all cables.
 Connectors and cables pass through in a second.
 Withstands sea water. Step-, weather- and rust-proof.
 Different types of cables may be mixed. Possible to extend the number
of cables at a later time.
 Small Size
 Low profile. Does not catch ropes etc. May be mounted with respect to
interior decoration.
 O-ring sealed - pressure water proof.

Plug, Cap : Nylon, white color, uv-proof.
Pipe fitting: Brass, sea-water proof or Nylon, white color, uv-proof.
Screw: Stainless steel
Mechanical layout here

 SureThru Size  1"  1 1/4"   1 1/2"   1 1/2"
 Plug design  1-part  1-part  2-part  2-part
 Pipe fitting  Brass  Brass  Brass  Nylon
 Max free passage  26 mm  34 mm  40 mm  40 mm
 Thickness of hull  0-50 mm  0-50 mm  0-50 mm  0-50 mm
 Part No.  20691  20692  20693  20696
Stopper, std plug 22691 22692 22693
w/string - p/n
 24691  24692  24693  24693

Note. The "Max free passage" sets the size in konjunction with the cover shell.
If you intend to use the 12 mm dia coax cable, use the SureThru 11/4" or 11/2",
the internal bend will be too tight in the 1".

Spare parts here