Looking up the approx. wire tension by the graph

How many kg's is the wire tension?

The SureCheck give you the figure "6" at the meters scale.
Look up the horisoltal line corresponding SureCheck scale figure "6".
Follow the line to the curve and reed stright down in %. You shall find 10%.
- This is now 10 % of the wire's break down force.

If the wire is a 7 mm , 19-strand ss type not to used and without inportent damage, you may now
calculate approx. force from the table at the right: 7 mm wire have a brakedown value of 3500 kg
(7700 lb) Now, the force is 10% i.e. 350kg (770 lb). Note. The tolerance is +/-10% in this case +/- 35kg
(+/- 77 lb).

What to adjust the wire to a specific strengh?

Assume you use a 5 mm wire and want it adjusted to approx. 300kg (660 lb).
Look up the breakdown force of a 5 mm wire: 2000 kg (4400 lb)
Calculate 300/2000 = 0,15. Times 100 and you have the figure in %, here 15%.
Look up figure "15" at the horisontal axis, follow right up to the curve and reed
stright to the left the SureCheck scale figure (approx.)"7,6"
Adjust the wire to the meter shows "7,6" and you will have a tension of 270-330kg
(594-726 lb).

I want the same tension as last time!

Now you need no graph. Just adjust to the same SureCheck scale figure as last time and
you will have the tension +/- 2% !!