Handy 70 is a primar switchad battery charger CPU driven developed by Swedish proffesional specialists. Based on latest tecnique in the battery charger range.

Model No. SMP176
Mains voltage 170-260V
Primare switched
Output powert 90 W
Charging voltage 13,7/14,4/14,7V
Float voltage 13,4/13,7V
Load current 2,5/7A
Reversed current max 2 mA
Enviroment temperature -40/+50°C
Air cooled
Charging charactaristics 4-steg/pulse
Battery type lead-acid
(open/sclosed batteries, Gel/AGM/MF/VRLA)
Battery capacity 4-240 Ah
Size (DxHxW) 225x50x50 mm
Enviroment class IP54
Weight 0,6 kg
Approval S, Fi, CE

Please, get the complete instruction for use here >> (pdf-file)

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