Current Terminal

- High current, low voltage drop, Flexible -

This heavy duty terminals designed to carry high current with almost no voltage drop, which helps to give clean, straight circuitry for the battery-bank and heavy engine cables. There is sufficient space to connect cable areas up to 95 sq mm by using the well-proven crimped cable shoe technology. Supplied with a insulated top cover and a card to note the specific use of each cable. The terminals are numbered 1 to 8

Low voltage drop
Very low resistance minimizes the voltage drop.
Possibilities to connect up to 16 separate cables.
High current
Handles up to 300 A. (momentary 1000A)
No corrosion
Tinned brass and stainless steel.

This can be a typical installation where SureConnect5 distributes high current with a low voltage drop. It is easy to expand if new equipment is to be installed and also perfect to combine with one-pole fuseboxes no need to decrease the cable area.
See also the SureConnect3 and SureConnect4 , with, all these terminals giving you maximum of flexibility and a minimum of voltage drop. See also the pre-manufactured power cables, SureCable, with crimped cable shoes, designed to work along with the terminal block.
The terminal is equipped with a transparent cover and a list for cable use notations.

 Current, max
 Cable area, max (
or 18x25
 to fit M6
and M8/M10
 Article No.

SureConnect5 has a base of PVC, a bus-bar of tinned brass and terminal nuts of stainless steel. Mounting screws (4 pcs) are also included in the package.