Gold Plated Connector

SureConnect 1

- The 2-pole SureConnect1-

'This connector solves the problem with i.e. connecting the lantern, motor or watertank sensors, signal horn, searching light, all places there screw terminal is used and more... Frequently connect and disconnect may hurt the cable strands then a screw terminal is used.

SureConnet 1 is a 2-pole or 3-pole cable connector, not much bigger than the cable itself.

 Small but big  Small physical size but handle 7 ampere and 2,5 sqmm.
 Smooth  Passes thru small spaces equal to the cable.
 Rugged  The pins have a layer of gold for minimize corrosion and
increase secure function from signal to power contact level.
 Simple to mount  The pins solders to the cable and then mounts in the shell.
Observe, the shell can only fit one way.
 Data  Typical voltage/current 12/24 V / 7Amp
Contact resistance 6 milliohm
Max cable area 2,5 mm
 Article No.  20390 (2-pole) 20240 (3-pole)