Turnbuckle lock

Fast, Secure and Easy

The best way to keep the rig in order is to have correct tightened and locked turnbuckles. This is obvious to the deep-sea sailor, but sailing in more safe waters might also give a boat and its crew surprises. While at sea, nobody wants to be confronted with a turnbuckle which has become loose due to a roaring sea. With the SureClip the turnbuckle is easily locked or unlocked in seconds. In addition, there is no need to cover the clip to avoid scratches to the hand and sails.

 Simple to mount
 Extremly easy to fit. No need for special tools.
 Fits on the turnbuckle precisely. No sharp edges.
 Manufactured in acid proof stainless steel.
 Perfect locking. Withstands vibration and shock.

SureClip turnbuckle locks are manufactured in six sizes. Fits into turnbuckles with cylindrical body such as Hasselfors and others.


 Turnbuckle size (Hasselfors)
Turnbuckle body dia. (mm)
Approx. wire dia. (mm)
Artcle No. 4-pcs-bag
  Artcle No. 5-pcs-bag